Do you know 75% of a user initial imprecision of an online business  is based on user interface design? or 70% of digital platforms fail due to a bad user experience?As of September 1st, 2021, Digital Innovation Lab at San Diego State University is proud to offer UI/UX services to the local businesses and community. The new UI/UX services page guides users through what our team offers in UI/UX research to allow our clients to express their creativity and aptitude through effective user experience design.

Our devoted team, Kelsey Azmitia, Francezca Dagoc, Summer McGuckin, Elijah Nobis, and Vanessa Roy, take a human-centered approach to the design, adoption, and dissemination of new mobile and digital platform technologies.

Our goal is to assist our local communities and start-ups in Southern California while providing students with opportunities to gain experience in UI/UX design, test, and research. Optimizing the user experience can lead to numerous business benefits, including higher customer retention and engagement