As part of the Digital Innovations Consultant team, Tyler Co’s work at DiLab has allowed him to hone his skills in big data analysis, which he hopes to utilize in his future career in data analysis and data science. Tyler primarily works on market research and uses his statistical knowledge to analyze data and provide valuable insights to the team. As a fourth-year Finance major with Interdisciplinary Studies and Statistics minors at San Diego State University, Tyler is highly involved in different organizations on campus. He is the Vice President of Finance for Delta Sigma Pi, a professional co-ed business fraternity, and a treasurer for The Look Magazine, a club that aims to highlight student art, fashion, and design at San Diego State. He also works as a Junior Counselor at SDSU’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, where he helps students with any financial issues they may have. With his vast array of skills and experiences, Tyler is poised for success in his future career, whether as a financial analyst or advisor or in a big data analysis or data science role.

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