Hello there! Ryan Duong is a fourth-year student at SDSU, where he’s majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. Alongside his academic pursuits, he has had diverse roles in his professional life, he is a co-founder at Mocktalk, inspired by his own struggles in job searching he’s created an AI mock interview platform to enhance job preparation for individuals. Simultaneously, he’s working as a Product Manager Intern at Tallysight, a company specializing in sports gaming content monetization software, and actively involved as a Product Manager in DiLab this semester. Last summer, he interned at Qualcomm, where he served as a Systems Analyst with a focus on streamlining workflow processes. Outside of his professional career, he loves contemporary architecture, collecting art pieces, and traveling! Ryan: “As I look ahead, I’m enthusiastic about diving into entrepreneurship and further developing my expertise in Product Management, drawing inspiration from the experiences I’m gaining this semester.”