Quynh Tran, a senior at San Diego State University has been a member of DiLab as a UI/UX designer since 2022. Last semester, Quynh worked on the open innovation platform project of redesigning the LEGO Ideas website. Her goal, along with her team’s, was to use previous findings from interviews to improve certain problems of the website that people were dealing with by redesigning those aspects of the website. This semester, Quynh worked as a UX designer with a startup called Hover Cover. Her team redesigned their website accordingly to the startup’s objectives and successfully launched it on Shopify. Earlier this year, Quynh, along with two other DiLab members on the UX team, Devika and Oceana, entered a designathon hosted by UCI and was able to place among finalists out of 65 teams and around 300 students from various colleges all over the country. Quynh’s goals for the future include developing her skills as a UX designer and obtaining a master’s degree in Psychology. She is determined to continue her work in improving user experiences and making websites more user-friendly.

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