Prathamesh Jalgaonkar is a second-year graduate student in Masters in Information Systems at Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University. He joined the DiLab as a Research Assistant to be a part of the team’s project, focused on developing an AI-enabled ad-hoc career coaching application. He has a background in data analysis, and he is passionate about harnessing the latest technology to create innovative solutions. In this project, he’s played a pivotal role in our conceptual research phase, where he delved into scholarly and industry literature to explore the potential of AI in career coaching. He’s also conducted market analysis, identifying target demographics and potential competitors, ensuring a solid foundation for the project. Ethical considerations, data privacy, and security have been a top priority for him in the technology assessment. Building on this research, he had the opportunity to contribute to a case study on BetterUp connect, which provided valuable insights into practical features and potential enhancements for the application, which will utilize AI as a career coach. He’s responsible for the logical model design, detailing core functionalities and features, and integrating advanced knowledge management with the lifelong learning machine. He emphasized a user-centric approach to design by creating UI/UX mockups. He believes that user feedback and usability testing are crucial to ensure applications meet the needs and expectations of its users. With a strong foundation and a forward-thinking approach, he is determined to make a significant impact in the field of technology. His passion for technology and dedication to this project aligns with his future goals in the tech industry in a big way.