Meet Nischita Ramachandrappa Mulikeri, a second year graduate student at the Fowler College of Business majoring in Information Systems. As part of the Digital Innovation Lab, she led the development efforts for an innovative AI video agent, which involved utilizing advanced AI and machine learning techniques, such as OpenAI’s LLM, NLP, and text-to-speech APIs. Through this project, she crafted a sophisticated desktop application that integrates lifelike avatars, enabling natural conversations and offering immersive user experiences. This project provided her with the opportunity to enhance her skills in understanding user requirements, conducting research, and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, which she is eager to leverage in her future endeavors. As she looks to the future, her aspiration is to transition into a product management position, drawing upon the skills she’s acquired during her academic and professional journey. She is eager to utilize her robust technical expertise and management acumen to lead the way in driving product development endeavors. Beyond work, she finds joy in exploring new destinations through travel, immersing herself in nature through hiking adventures, and delving into captivating narratives within the pages of novels. These experiences fuel her curiosity and inspire her to continually seek growth and innovation in all aspects of her life.