While we are approaching the post-pandemic world, organizations are at a crossroads, going back to the office or embracing digital workspaces as the new normal. Many argue that the reliance on virtual work environments has notable side-effects such as communications breakdown, unhealthy team dynamics, unregulated and mindless system use, causing digital fatigue and loss in productivity. To explore this issue, Melissa Klase and Olivia Connors combine the awareness and self-regulation power of mindfulness with the action generating power of reflectiveness to promote employee well-being and increase overall productivity in digitally-enabled or supported work environments. They will present the results of their work and their paper entitled “Reflectiveness: The Missing Link between Digital Mindfulness and Mindful Use of Digital Technology” at the 28th Americas Conference on Information Systems in Minneapolis. Melissa is a fourth-year student at SDSU College of Sciences with an emphasis in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She is a member of SDSU Digital Innovation Lab for more than two years as well as a member of several honor societies, including NSCS, Phi Theta Kappa, and Tau Sigma. Olivia Connors is graduating in May 2022 and is currently working at a substance abuse private practice in New Jersey.