Meet Ishwarya Ramkumar a second year graduate student at Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University, majoring in Information Systems. As part of SDSU’s Digital Innovation Lab, she is working on on an artificial intelligence project where she is tasked with web scraping and prompt engineering. Through this experience and her coursework she has developed skills in Python, SQL, Tableau, and other data analytics tools. Right now her goal is to leverage her analytical capabilities and passion for technology to obtain a full-time role in data or business analytics after graduation. She is very eager to continue solving meaningful problems through data-driven solutions. Outside of academics, she enjoys playing badminton, hiking, dancing, and loves solving technical challenges. Ishwarya: “One accomplishment I’m proud of is completing a 7.5 mile trek through a forest on a rainy day, which required tremendous willpower and physical strength to endure the challenging conditions”. After gaining more work experience, she strives to move into a leadership position where she can guide teams and projects using her technical knowledge.