Introducing¬†Heuldana Albe, a first-year student majoring in Management Information Systems at San Diego State University. Heuldana joined the Digital Innovation Lab as a Spring Research Intern, where she embarked on a project exploring the world of Extended Reality (XR) within the metaverse. Heuldana’s research project delved into the combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). With a keen focus on effective architectural XR design software, Heuldana synthesized the best features from three original tools from the framework and two additional platforms that she discovered to create a powerful combination. The findings were then categorized into seven distinct functions, highlighting the potential of XR technology. As a passionate advocate of technology’s power and impact, Heuldana envisions a future career in the tech industry. Particularly drawn to the field of UX/UI Design, she recognizes the significance of human-centered approaches in leveraging technology to create innovative solutions. As a freshman in college, Heuldana is eager to engage in various experiences that will contribute to her well-rounded development. Outside of DiLab, Heuldana’s acceptance into the Henrietta Goodwins Scholar Program showcases her commitment to academic excellence and the pursuit of success. With her passion, dedication, and thirst for knowledge, Heuldana is poised to make a remarkable impact as she continues her journey of technological exploration and innovation.