Working to foster a culture of human-centered digital technologies 


1. WHAT IS Digital Innovation?

Digital innovation refers to the use of new and emerging technologies to improve products, services, and processes. This can include the implementation of digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT to enhance or transform the way businesses operate and create new opportunities for growth and revenue.

2. WHY Digital INNovation?

Digital innovation allows companies to stay competitive and adapt to changes in technology and consumer behavior. It also can improve operations and bring new revenue streams and opportunities for growth. Digital innovations like automation and data analytics can streamline processes, reduce human error, and lower costs.

3. What we offer

We help companies to identify areas where digital innovation can bring the most value, and then work with them to develop and implement strategies and solutions to achieve their goals.

4. HOW to get started

Reach out by filling out the interest form below, and one of our team leads will contact you with more information on our services and products. 


How We Help Students

1. contact us below

If you are a student founder interested in receiving consulting services, you can contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ form below to setup a time to chat with our consultants. 

2. what we look for

During the chat, we hope to get a more in-depth view into what you are building, what you hope to accomplish, your milestones, and the problems you are facing.

3. where we come in

Based on the information provided, we will begin our research and brainstorming ideas to help you better understand how to tackle your problems based on the resources at your disposal. Examples include developing a go-to-market strategy, defining customer acquisition channels, or identifying your first end users.

4. post-session goals

By the end of the session, we hope you will take away a framework or methodology to help you tackle specific components of your business that will present results in the long run.


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SDSU Digital Innovation Lab

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Kaveh Abhari, Ph.D. | Faculty Director Office: SSW 2661 and 2665 | email: kabhari@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619 594-0746
Sean Flanagan | Lab Coordinator Office: SSW 2661 and 2665 | email: sflanagan8277@sdsu.edu